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Welcome to another Rotary year 2017-18. On behalf of RCS family, I congratulate RI President Ian H S Riseley for giving a wonderful theme ‘Rotary Making a Difference’. I wish all the best to DG Rtn T K Ruby and his team and all the District Office bearers who start their journey of ‘Rotary Making a Difference’ from today onwards. I am happy that our DG Rtn T K Ruby is a DG Friend whom we promise all the support.

I feel proud and privileged to lead RCS family which is always loving, caring and ever cooperative. Our team looks ahead towards a Rotary year that may one day be known as the greatest one in history. We are keen to spread awareness of what is Rotary, what does Rotary do, what RCS has done and will be doing. Rotary is an organisation which can change the world.

The theme for this year is ‘Rotary Making A Difference’ and we definitely look forward to a year where we will have more willing hands, more caring hearts and more bright minds to move ahead. Our team plans to be flexible to attract young members, recent retirees and working people. We are open to work with other organisations to make the world a better place to live in.

I am firmly convinced that one should not believe in problems, but believe in opportunities and a clear need to prioritise continuity in our leadership. We in Rotary are the same people working towards the same goals. If we want to reach those goals, all the Rotarians have to move together in the same direction to change lives and save lives. Every work of the Rotarians makes the city and the world move towards progress.

I believe that most of us move with pebbles in our shoes and hobble through life, instead throw out these pebbles and live life with ease. Our team is looking forward to a life with great acceptance and in present continuous i.e. accept what is, let go of what was and have faith in what is to be.

I am grateful to our Charter Members, Past Presidents and all the RCS family for doing excellent work and always ensuring that RCS remains on the top.

Our team will remain focussed on the points given by RI President. Team 2017-18 feels that they have the opportunity to care for needy people and lift up those who need us the most whether they are in our community or on the other side of the world. The work of a Rotarian is to do what is needed the most for the people who are most in need. Our team desires to be of assistance and are willing to work for the others.

Our motto ‘We will do whatever we can and we know that whatever we do everyone is with us’, so Rotary will keep serving humanity and Rotary will definitely make a difference.

Our team’s best efforts will be to teach people to make peace with ones aversions, as aversions are self made plague. They hurt the minds wound the body and haunt the spirit, so one should get rid of them and sunshine of harmony health and happiness will flood in.