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MEETING NO 1176 – 05 DEC 2017

A brief talk on projects was followed by introduction by Rtn Mrs Jain of the speaker Rtn PP D S Dhillon. She talked about her experience in Odissa when she along with Col B Jain, had travelled with Brig Dhillon, where she discovered his inner qualities of being warm hearted and open to any kind of friendship.

Rtn PP Brig D S Dhillon started his talk on TRF stating that Rotary Foundation, is an invisible aim of Rotary. He told that billions and billions of money has been spent on the welfare of the society especially on eradication of Polio, literacy drive and this money has come from the Rotarians who have contributed. It is a charitable organisation looked after by a board of Trustees. The motto ‘Doing Good In The World’ of TRF has not changed since its inception. Paul Harris said that instead of spending money on flowers after his death, it should be contributed towards TRF. It is important to believe in three H’s – Health, Humanity and Hunger. He talked of the three grants that are available and said one should make use of them. Rtn Rajesh Chadha gave the vote of thanks and thanked Rtn PP Brig D S Dhillon for explaining the concept and aim of TRF in a manner that the members are in no doubt now.

Rtn PP GS Kochar announced that 25th Feb 2017 has been suggested for the Golf Tournament