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Meeting No 1181 -3rd April 2018

On 3rd Apr 2018, Rtn Aneesh Bhanot introduced the speaker of the evening, PP Rtn Minoti Barthakar, from Guwahati, informing that she has dedicated her life and money to spread awareness of Cancer to save people from the pain which one under goes . She is a cancer survivor for the last 24 years. Gave a talk on ‘Can Cancer be Prevented’. She spoke in a very effective way saying that cancer can be prevented if one has determination, eats more leafy vegetables, less of proteins, less intake of milk and more of fruit juices then there is no doubts that cancer will not attack one’s body. She told that good sleep of eight hours and no chatting in the mind thinking bad of others is important as cancer cells are known as angry cells and they grow when one is angry or under stress. Doctors had given up on her, but her continuous exercise and will to live has helped her to outlive the doctors. She informed that Mizoram and Punjab have maximum number of cancer patient in India due to bad life style. She was indeed an inspiration and everyone was impressed with her way of delivering the talk.

R’anne Shanti Bhanot gave a very impressive vote of thanks, saying that there are no words to express but to say wow! She praised Rtn Minoti for highlighting certain points which everyone knows but refuse to implement , like the role of yoga in one’s life and exercise blended with good diet gives a healthy life.