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PROJECT-Heaven on Earth

Walking into Snehalayaís hall with seventy plus children, sitting anxiously and greeting RCS members in their affectionate way smilingly, made all the RCS Members feel that they have walked into Paradise as everyone was happy. PP Rtn Sneh Popli, Ríptr Sushil Popli, their son Viran and daughter-in-law, Enma with their son, Snehís sister and her two grand-daughters, PP Rtn Ashok Laroia, Indu, PP Rtn A Bedi, PP Rtn M L Gupta, IPP Rtn V D Singh, Rtn Brig J C Sharma and Neerja, Rtn Manjit and Parry were so full of enthusiasm that they started singing songs immediately, PP Rtn Sneh Popliís Daughter-in-law Enma played an interesting game where she asked for certain things to be done and the kids obeyed.

Presence of Praduyaman, a young engineering student who is keen to become RCS Member, with his guitar livened up the atmosphere. Rtn Snehís son Mr Viren gave some important tips on different ways to succeed in life which was punctuality, sincerity and the will to work.

IPP Rtn Dr V D Singh, gave Baseball bat and glove to Rakesh, an upcoming baseball player. An interesting play on the evils that are there which retards the progress of the nation and the will to overcome them so that our country develops into a modern and progressive society was enacted by the children of Snehalaya. It was very educative and was highly appreciated by all RCS Members

Bread Pakoras, Ladoos and Fruity juice was served to almost 100 people. RCS is grateful to PP Rtn Sneh Popli and Ríptr Sushil Popli for sponsoring the snacks and juice

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