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PROJECT-Um Bhi Chale and Aap bhi Chalo

Hum Bhi Chale Aap bhi Chalo, meaning people who have legs can easily walk to their destination and people who are handicapped due to any reason should also move to their destination without any hitch. Twenty four chairs will be donated to people/ institutions who feel the need to move on in life irrespective of the situation. Four wheel Chairs were donated to Mother Teresa Charity Home, one to Col V Nayar who is looking after a very backward poor people organisation, four to village Burewala, Four to Govt Hospital, Sector 16, Chandigarh.

All these wheel chairs went to people who found it difficult to move around, but did not give up in life. Most of them have requested us to come and visit them to see with our eyes how their life has changed with this small gesture of RCS Family. May God give them long life, will and determination to work to carry on carry on work in a positive way.