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Cancer is not a deadly disease but easily curable was told by Mrs Raj, a representative of Sahayta Charitable Society to about 40 ladies of Baltana. She along with Mrs Sharda and Mrs R Tulsi gave in detail reason of various types of cancer, stressing upon breast cancer. They requested the ladies to adopt healthy life style, to do regular exercise and routine self check-up of breast to detect breast cancer at its early stage. They demonstrated the method of how to do self check-up and then they should go to a doctor if they feel any kind of lump. Mr R Tulsi a survivor of breast cancer gave her own example telling them how 18 years ago she was told about it, but of early detection and timely visit to the doctor and positive mind were the reasons of her surviving and her standing in front of them in absolute healthly condition. All three ladies spoke about cervical cancer, throat cancer and various other cancers which are prevalent in the world, especially in India. Everyone was surprised when they came to know that breast cancer can occur in gents also.

They told the ladies to convince their husbands to avoid smoking and chewing tobacco in any form as it will not only affect them, but also other members of the family. Question hour round was held to confirm that all have simulated the lecture. Small hand towels were given as prizes. Everyone bid adieu smilingly with full confidence that they would share this information with others to help the society in early detection of cancer so that everyone has long and worry free life.

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