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Organ Donation-Help Others to Live a Joyful Life

On 5th Oct 2017, Dr Simmi from PGI gave a very fruitful talk to almost 80 students and 30 adults of Jagatpura School the way in which each individual can donate organs when they are living or after death. She further told them that giving one kidney, part of liver, lung or pancreas, will help someone to live life nicely and healthy and no harm will come to the donor. After death, any organ can be given if death is reported on time. She advised the students that it is they who can change the mindset of their elders towards organ donation and reduce the long waiting period of the recipients. She clarified the myths related to organ donation.

Four voluntaries decided there and then to donate their organs / body. Others took the form to fill it once they talk to their family members.

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