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Dinner With A Difference

People from different profession joined RCS Members on 1st Oct 2017,to experience an evening with a difference. After a brief fellowship, people were shown a documentary on ‘A day in the Life of Blind People’, giving a strong message that everyone should respect visually impaired people or people with any kind of handicap and not sympathise with them. If they see any person with a white stick, one should stop the vehicle and not blow the horn to let the blind people cross the road. Shiv, Amrinder, Soni and Kuljit, all visually impaired led people with eyes into a pitch dark room and made them sit comfortably on their seats. Everyone was asked to help themselves to juice in oval jug and water in straight jug. Snacks, dinner and desert were served. While the items were being served, a lot of songs were sung. People introduced themselves to each other. Once everyone had finished their dinner, the lights were switched on for people to see their neighbour . Quite a few people spoke about their experience, like one individual wanted to help the lady sitting next to him, poured half a glass of juice to her only to realise that not a single drop of juice had gone into the glass. Over all, every one enjoyed the dinner, only to realise that every individual should experience to know how difficult it is to eat without eyesight. The respect for the people who were serving the dinner increased tremendously as the complete dinner was served efficiently in a pitch dark room in a very positive and communicative manner. The next ‘Dinner in The Dark’ is on 4th Jan 2018.

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