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An Outing for Senior Citizens

RCS thought of an innovative way of giving some glorious moments to about 40 Senior Citizens of Sector 15, Chandigarh. The bus picked them from their Old Age Home on Dec 07, 2017 to bring them to the auditorium of St Stephen’s School , Chandigarh to entertain, them interact with the students and enjoy delicious lunch. They were received by the RCS Members and Interactors of St Stephen’s School. The programme started with Prayer Dance followed by a very well directed and enacted play on Bhagat Singh which was enjoyed by the Senior Citizens. It was thrilling to see them enjoying the Bhangra which was the last item. The lunch was enjoyed by all after which all the Senior Citizens sat in the lawn and spoke about their experiences and joked around. They went back with a broad smile stating that they had forgotten their age and felt like teenagers

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